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Terry Physical Therapy Specializes in the treatment of the following:

Work Related Injuries
At Terry Physical Therapy (TPT) we believe that a company’s most important assets are its employees. In order to maintain a positive working relationship, the employee must feel secure in the knowledge that workplace health and safety is a top priority. TPT can evaluate the job site and make suggestions or recommendations that may reduce and/or prevent the risk of injury. In turn, this will save the employer money related to potential workers’ compensation cases and focus on maintaining employee safety and productivity. In the event of an injury, TPT is equipped to provide the necessary therapy and care to help the employee quickly recover. Along with our strength training and pain management programs, we also refer patients to pain management physicians. It is our goal to work closely with the physician, employer and injured worker in order to achieve the most beneficial outcome for all parties involved in worker related injuries.

Pre/Post-Surgical Care
Physical therapy can play a vital role in how quickly a patient recovers after surgery. Physicians determine if pre and or post-surgical care is necessary for the patient. However after surgery, the patient is generally weak, has severe pain and may experience a significant loss in Range of Motion (ROM). With the proper strength endurance programs and the use of modalities to reduce pain, the patient can recover much faster than those who have not received pre and or post-surgical physical therapy care.

Auto and Personal Injury
Generally auto insurance policies will cover your physical therapy care after you have sustained injuries from an automobile accident. In auto and personal injuries, we focus on pain control and strengthening to help our patients return to a normal lifestyle. We work with several local medical doctors in the coordination of care. TPT also coordinates with attorneys to assist their clients in recovering from their injuries. We accept letters of protection (LOP) from attorneys and are able to get medical records returned in a professional, timely manner. If a patient requires auto and personal injury attorneys, we have a list of qualified and experienced attorneys available for referral.

Sport Injuries
Terry Physical Therapy (TPT) believes that participation in sports is an excellent method of building character and confidence in youth. At TPT we understand young peoples’ competitive desire to excel in sports. Occasionally injuries occur, which may prevent athletes from competing at their desired level. At TPT we can evaluate the injury and direct our treatment of care to return the athlete to an optimal level of performance. We use state of the art equipment as well as a hands-on approach in our treatment. We work closely with orthopedic surgeons and other sports medicine specialists. Terry Physical Therapy believes that communication is the key for those involved in the athlete’s plan of care. Therefore, we welcome suggestions and/or concerns from coaching staff and athletic trainers. This approach enables us to see more effective outcomes and quicker results. The quicker the recovery, the sooner the athlete is able to return to competition. We specialize in the treatment of the following sports related injuries:
We specialize in the treatment of the following sports related injuries:-Knee-Ankle/foot-Back/neck-Shoulder -Joint pain-Status post-arthroscopic surgery of the knee and shoulder-General Sprains/Strains of Ligaments and muscles-Status post- bone fractures

An increasing percentage of today’s health care patients are senior citizens. As we age, our risk of developing debilitating injuries increases. We are prone to developing osteoporosis, bone fractures, muscle weakness, strokes and heart attacks. Terry Physical Therapy evaluates and develops an effective plan of care to help our geriatric patients achieve the highest functional level. Our programs involve gait and balance training, strengthening exercises and pain control therapies which are tailored to each patient’s needs and abilities.

Conditions Treated

Other Conditions Treated:

  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Headaches
  • Balance/Gait/Posture Impairments
  • Back and Neck Pain
  • Arthritis/Joint Pain
  • Amputations
  • Bell’s Palsy

    Please call for other programs or services available through us or by referral.

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